“My company helps community banks across several states, providing Marketing and Staff Development assistance.  Among many things, we set-up annual Business & Economic Conferences in their communities.  Once the tax law changes and the economic forecasts have been presented, we always wrap up each conference with an outstanding keynote speaker who’ll both leave the audience in a great mood and put the conference ending focus on character and business ethicsNone of our speakers has done a better job than Rudy Kalis!  Rudy, in addition to excellent communication skills, lives the character and ethics he speaks about and every person in the room knows it!  I wholeheartedly endorse Rudy Kalis!  Your audience will thank you!”

Nelson Early
Founder and CEO, Early & Company, Nashville, TN

“I have been a professional athlete for most of my life.  I have been interviewed by countless sportscasters all across this great country. Sometimes you meet guys in the media and hope you never see them again.  Occasionally you connect with one of these characters and really enjoy their work.  Obviously what makes the difference is how they treat you, you know, respect begets respect.  Rudy has seen me in my finest hours and he also has seen me in great despair, but no matter what the circumstances he has always been kind, considerate, compassionate and sincere.  With Rudy, he is not trying to make himself look good at your expense, not looking for a scoop.  He wants to help you tell your story or at least your side of the story.  I trust Rudy, I know he is a good man and a man of integrity.  I have known Rudy for over 30 years and I can honestly say he has never disappointed me.  He is a brother in Christ, a man of his word, a man with a firm hand shake.  Rudy has remained humble despite all his successes.  I appreciate that, too.”

Darrell Waltrip
3 Time Winston Cup Driving Champion

“I have known Rudy Kalis for about thirty years.  I know him to be a man “sold out” for God.  In everything he does, I believe he puts God first, including his motivational speaking and his new book, “As You Go Through Life Keep Your Helmet On.”  I am sure I will buy many copies of the book to send to friends and family.  I would also hire him for every occasion for which a motivational speaker is needed.  Rudy is not only intelligent, but he is a man of “wit.”  His enthusiasm is outstanding.”

The Late Ambassador Joe M. Rodgers
Former United States Ambassador to France

“My friend Rudy Kalis is on a roll.  He rides the crest of a successful wave in the world of sports commentary.  His professionalism and popularity are widely acclaimed.  His personal characteristics are spirit based.  A deep desire to share that spirit comes through clearly to the many audiences he addresses.  What a privilege it is to call him my friend.”

Winfield Dunn
Former State of Tennessee Governor

  “I have known Rudy Since he came to town years ago.  He is not your standard “news guy.” He has become a friend through the years.  Every time I have heard Rudy speak, he moved the audience with his character and honesty.  When my father died, I asked Rudy to speak at the funeral.  He brought humor and respect to the service; all from heart.”

Sterling Marlin
1994, 1995 Daytona 500 Winner